At ABL Electric & Innovations we have a long history of working in both the residential and commercial audio & video market. We know and understand all of today's technology and how to help you get the most out of your entertainment dollar.

From simply hanging a flat-panel TV on a wall to creating a whole home entertainment package, we can do it all. We have solutions to suit any desire you may have for your home.

Once we sit down with our customers and learn about their lifestyle, desires and budget, we can customize the perfect combination of components and services to create exactly what you're looking for. We never pressure you into what WE want to sell you, but instead we find exactly what fits YOUR needs 




Courtney Perkins of ABL Electric is a certified automation programmer for Control 4.  Many of our entertainment systems are controlled with the Control 4 automation system. Control 4 home automation products make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home.

We give you simple, centralized control over your lights, music, home theater, temperature and security system. Our standards-based wired and wireless products integrate your existing technology into one complete system, providing a new level of effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind to you and your family.  

Visit the Control 4 website for more information or watch the video below.


The benefits of a Control 4® system include...

 Effortless Entertainment Solutions

Make your home the hangout for family and friends. Control 4 Home Theater and Multi-Room Music systems make your house the most entertaining place around.

Comfort & Convenience Solutions

Make your home comfortable and green by conveniently adjusting your Lighting and Temperature from anywhere in your home, and anywhere in the world.

Peace of Mind Solutions

Rest easy knowing your home and family are safe and secure. Control 4 helps you manage Security features in your home, and lets your home alert you when issues arise.

The ways that Control 4 can help you...

One-Touch Home Theater: Simplify the control of audio, video and home theater components, eliminating the need for multiple remotes

Multi-room Music: Enjoy digital music collections, including streaming music, MP3s and iTunes collections, anywhere or everywhere in your home.

Smart Lighting: Create lighting scenes that offer simple control over lights and outlets. Control 4 smart lighting uses timers, motion sensors and dimmers to enhance security and reduce energy costs.

Advanced Temperature Control: Help conserve energy and ensure comfort with pre-programmed temperature controls.

Safety and Security: Integrate a security system or IP cameras to monitor home security from virtually anywhere.

Being Green with Control 4...

Conserving energy isn't just good for your conscience and the environment, it's good for your pocketbook too! Control 4 gives you the power to be green by helping you manage lighting and temperature control in your home. Control 4 can significantly reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle.  Type your paragraph here.