phone and data systems

ABL Electric & Innovations offers professional services for planning, installing and maintaining hardwired communication systems for a broad range of systems and clients. From adding a few wired network ports around a home to connect computers and entertainment components, to industrial in-plant fiber optics, ABL can handle it all.

Not only can we work with clients to install new communication systems but we also are highly skilled at repairing, troubleshooting and "cleaning up" existing systems.

Here's a list of just some of the things we can do for you:

  • Cat 5e/6 Computer & Telephone Network wiring
  • Multi-mode Fiber Optic Networks
  • CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
  • Access Control Systems

ABL Electric & Innovations is certified to sell and install Wilson Electronics brand signal booster systems. We all rely on our cell phones more and more every day for both personal and business use. A weak signal not only drains your phones battery but also results in dropped calls and unbearably slow web surfing on your mobile phone. Once installed, a Wilson signal booster will give you more bars and longer battery life, all without you having to do a thing.

Call or email us today to discuss how you can be free from dropped calls and weak signals.