We offer a variety of solutions to your home and business cleaning needs. In addition to installing new systems, we will also service your existing equipment and can provide you with parts and accessories for about any make and model system.

Dirt Devil Dry Vacuum Systems

For new installations of conventional dry central vac systems we carry the Dirt Devil vacuum line. We work with you to see what features and accessories work best to suit your needs, and provide a complete system to make the hard work of cleaning a thing of the past.

Some of the unique central vacuum features we can provide are:

VacPan- This unique under cabinet accessory takes the work out of bending over with a dust pan and sweeping up dirt. Just sweep the dirt to the VacPan, flip the vacuum on with a flick of your foot and the powerful vacuum will suck up the mess. No bending, no annoying dust lines, and no fuss!

Hide-A-Hose - Tired of carrying that heavy vacuum hose all around the house, especially when you just need to clean a small area? This revolutionary device stores your hose inside the wall port for convenient access. Just pull out the hose - whether it's enough to reach the spill on the carpet or the entire house.

Simply pull the hose out and set the holding clamp. When you're done just release the clamp, place your hand over the end of the hose and the vacuum's own suction will pull the entire hose back into the wall and out of sight. No more dragging around a heavy hose and trying to get it back in the closet.